jeremiah 29:11-13 talks about God's plans..."plans to prosper and not harm"  La Via Sana was formed to try and give to others the hope that is always found in scriptures. God is in control when it comes to illnesses.  There is HOPE. 

Food Ideas

Pasture Raised Eggs

loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids that are good for your brain. 

Eggs are versatile and can be made with all kinds of flavors and techniques, my favorite is:

  • Egg Souffle

in a small casserole, or small pot, heat on high -stovetop with a generous amount of butter or oil to grease all sides of the pot. Whip two eggs and salt (optional)-

When the pot is very hot- add the eggs and allow to create a thick layer of cooked egg. with a spatula, preferrably rubber, gently flip onto its side- the uncooked egg will run out and you need to repeat this flipping gently until the egg has cooked through- 

you can add cheese when you begin the process if you like and this creates a thicker crust on the outside. Flip egg souffle out onto your plate and enjoy. Fluffy and crisp eggs. 

There are many different diets and preferences for how people eat-- the thing about it is that its important to do so in a healthy way on a regular basis. La Via Sana does not claim to support any one particular diet regimen- but rather recognizes the benefits of healthy sources of fat, protein, wholegrains, vitamins, and nutrients, as well as fiber and healthy water sources.  In the absence of quality nutrition, hunger can create its own form of "toxic stress"  especially for young children who do not understand the complexities of finances.  Eating is a healing opportunity. God created bounty for us to enjoy - and getting adequate supplies is a first step in healing the body.  

In times of difficulty, its also important to think about what we are "eating" with our eyes and with our thoughts.  If we fill up on negative things- we will not be nourished. Instead the Bible and the spiritual music can offer a much needed nourishment for our souls.  Its not just the food but La Via Sana wants to advocate for a holistic approach that recognizes our needs.  Matthew 11:25-30 talks about it doing no good to worry.  See the birds in the air and the flowers in the fields? They don't labor and yet God provides for them.  In issues of mental health, it is important to use the tools we have- to seek the treatments we need- to take care of ourselves and to thank God who provides all these things.

Some want to pit science against our transcendental selves- there is no need to do that. We can learn from science about the brain functions and the things that contribute to health AND we can practice good stewardship of our emotions and minds. 

La Via Sana is a nonprofit organization that aims to bring awareness to the healing that can happen in areas of mental health.  Starting, of course, with God's guidance and learning to walk the path of life wisely.