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About La Via Sana

La Via Sana 

In 2008, we began speaking with my family about helping other people.  We formed a 501c3 nonprofit in 2009.  At first, we volunteered with Austin Clubhouse and provided different Retreat Events in the HillCountry.  We hosted book discussions and also other advocacy events at the LiveStrong facilities in East Austin, thanks to their generosity. We wanted to reach the most vulnerable, where poverty and mental health converge but as time went on, we became more interested in the concept of FOOD as a Medicine- 

that can help with stability, and with healing. 

We began researching what happens when children are food insecure.   

We currently support many other organizations in their goals including Travis Heights Christian Outreach, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Community First,

 Central Texas Food Bank 

and others in the community of Austin and in the U.S. 

We have a collaboration with other volunteers around the country and we call it the GIVING CIRCLE.  It is a way for us to join together to support the projects we believe in.  During the covid crisis, La Via Sana has been donating and advocating and continues to seek out ways to help the most vulnerable.  

MOVING FORWARD in 2021, La Via Sana will focus primarily on the homelessness crisis and the immigrant families that need a lot of care and resources. We seek out opportunities to bless other nonprofits and people who are working with these issues. We support Posada Esperanza and Casa Marianella and Catholic Charities and other efforts to advocate for the needs of the refugees.