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Pasture Raised Eggs

loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids that are good for your brain. 

Eggs are versatile and can be made with all kinds of flavors and techniques.

Foods to EAT often

La Via Sana has advocated for FOOD for people in need of care.  We look for opportunities to help those we see, through our partnership with Mobile Loaves and Fishes- We provide toiletries and food items when needed. Prior to Covid, we volunteered regularly to make sandwiches.  We now look for remote opportunities and possiblities where distance is safer.  We also have advocated for Food in Austin Clubhouse, in the past, and look for opportunities to give Food to those in need.  If you know anything about food pantries- you know they do great work, but sometimes the fresher foods are harder to come by.  We help a pantry : Travis Heights Christian Outreach who gets food from many different companies instead of throwing it in the trash- they process this food and serve the community with a pantry.  We know that good food is a blessing.  

 Eating is a healing opportunity.

Focusing on what you CAN do, Focusing on what is GOOD, 

develop an eating style that promotes health.

Food is a Medicine. It can boost energy and vitality, and even brain activity. 

Yes- And its something we all have to do everyday. 

This is one of the reasons why Food  is one of our TOP PRIORITIES for our nonprofit. 

NO Food- NO healing. 


it's essential. 

we know that FOOD is not the only need. People need housing and transportation. 

We seek opportunities to give to those in need, especially those experiencing homelessness and refugees seeking a better life.