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Fresh Vegetables & Fresh Fruit

You don't need to think in terms of ONLY one thing- for instance many times when people talk about diet- they talk about the LIST of things to AVOID and it becomes a kind of punishment. However if you LOOK at all the things that are delicious and nutritious and you think of all the things you can make, it is very encouraging.  I don't want to debate about ingredients, about organic vs. non-organic, and I don't want to promote vegan vs. meat- I don't believe in any of that hysteria.  However there is some wisdom in eating less meat.  There is wisdom in enjoying things that are fresh and natural.  There is wisdom in using a variety for both appeal and for nutritional reasons.  How can you ADD IN the fresh vegetables and fruits into foods that you love? How can you drink more water and replace other beverages that may have questionable ingredients? How can you delight in the natural sweetness of fruit and only eat with moderation those things that are high in sugars?  Maybe you say- NO WAY! And if you saw me, you might say- well- how has it helped you?  I am still "Fat" and its truly a thorn in my side.  But I do what i can. Lately, I have been experimenting with vegan breakfast and vegetarian breakfast options.  What about you?