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Our Advocacy work involves writing to Congress, participating in our social networks, and promoting FOOD for the most vulnerable, especially children.  We do our own outreach, and we look for ways to promote access, affordability, and balance for our community.  HOW do we do this? a lot is online on Instagram @laviasanaemk   We seek opportunities to be involved.  We join with other organizations to promote food security whenever possible.  We seek out a community of individuals who are working for these causes through our Giving Circle. Join Us!  We advocate and listen for solutions for those experiencing homelessness and the refugees who come here from far off places. We want to offer HOPE. We want to Nuture, Care, and Give. 

Resources & Recommendations

There are so many books and movies that highlight 

the necessity for nutrition, and healing 

*here are some ... 

Saddleback Church has a ministry called HOPE FOR MENTAL HEALTH COMMUNITY and it is not a secure link, but they have been saving their services for the first time starting in March of 2020.  They are full of good advice for different struggles related to mental health. Click here for

Forks Over Knives

There are many books, movies, and resources that teach about good nutrition.  Food is a medicine. 

Food Matters, documentary

Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

FED UP , the movie

FOOD inc, the movie

Man's Search for Meaning 

Author: Victor Frankl

Interesting account by a Holocaust survivor. Talking about what makes a person feel meaning in their life, their happiness, their contribution and how this must be part of the therapeutic process. 

What makes you feel meaning?

Do you feel listened to? Are you fufilling your dreams? 

Jesus Calling 

Jesus Calling 

Author: Sarah Young

Devotional books that takes you through different scriptures in a way that makes it speak to you directly.  Great resource for building positive self-talk and motivation.  You can find dozens of resources online for the Jesus Calling brand.  Take some time to read each morning and meditate on Jesus. It will alter your sense of self and your feeling.

Jesus Today, Jesus Always, and others...