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La Via Sana

We are a small family nonprofit with the goal of helping people find HOPE

Hope for Mental Health

Hope for Basic Needs & Wellness

Nurture * Care * Give

We look for other small nonprofits and opportunities to Give HOPE. For the benefit of those who need it most. 


We get involved in projects that we feel will offer a perspective of Love and Care and Concern. 

ONE of our projects is raising money for a project in Cartagena, Colombia that is called Fundacion Ayudame a Vivir or FunVivir.


There are many ways to get involved in the local and national issues that affect food insecurity, poverty, childhood education, and mental health. We look for opportunities to voice an opinion of HOPE and Action for the benefit of those who need help. 


La Via Sana started in 2009 in Austin, Texas

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